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Coding, culture, and contracts — the Academy knows all things practice management

Banner illustration for Impact Report on coding, culture, and contracts

It’s all in the coding

At the end of the day, a successful practice relies on you knowing which code to use and how and when to use it. Bringing you the best information about coding keeps you on the ball. DermWorld published scores of titles on coding in 2023, including:

You can read these and other articles at www.aad.org/dw/dcc

…and make it quick! Quick coding tips

Our series of downloadable, quick coding tip sheets address common coding scenarios as well as less-common examples. We updated the list in the past year to include user-friendly coding guides on ICD-10, E/M coding, CPT tips, and modifiers.

Don’t be bested by burnout!

It’s all too common in today’s hectic world: burnout. Fortunately, the Academy has tools to help you manage burnout. In fact, we now have an entire section at aad.org dedicated to combatting burnout and developing wellness with a library of helpful resources.   

Topics include: 

If any of these topics resonate with you or your staff, get on over to the Academy member site and get the resources we offer.

Make a contract with yourself to learn more about private payer contracts

You know that private payer contracts can be as varied and individual as the people you are paying in your practice. Payer contracts can have a significant impact on reimbursement and administrative burden so it’s vital to know as much as you can.  

But fear not! The Academy has added an entire section on payer contracts to its Practice Management Center. You’ll find contract language review, reimbursement review, and important considerations beyond the contract. There’s even an appeal letter generator.