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Prior authorization and drug pricing

Discover tools to generate prior authorization letters for patients and resources to help navigate prior authorization and drug pricing issues.

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Prior authorization letter generator

Easily create appeal letters to help overturn denials for prior authorizations. This tool will do at least some of the work for you, helping you return to caring for patients.

What is prior authorization?

Prior authorizations are one of the top administrative burdens that dermatologists face. Learn more about this significant burden.

Reduce burdens

See a video and access a wealth of information the significant burdens imposed on health care and on patients by prior authorization.

Prior authorization workflow

Review a typical workflow for how prior authorization might work in cases where the insurance company objects to a prescription or service.

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Prior authorization resources

Find information and tools to assist you in getting medications for your patients. The Academy has gathered useful resources to help ease the burden of prior authorizations.

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Find drug prices

Use this tool to search for the price of any drug and educate your patients on the cheapest alternative. Find the most affordable option for medications in real time.

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Compounding decision tool

This tool helps determine whether the type of compounding you’re performing is in compliance with FDA rules. The tool is intuitive and convenient, confirming conformance with FDA requirements.

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Step therapy guidance

Find information about existing and pending step therapy laws and learn how you can advocate for change in your state. See a map that shows the legislation status of each state.