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Quality measures

Access MIPS and QCDR measures for 2019 reporting, and learn how the Academy develops measures.

MIPS quality measures

Access MIPS measures and QCDR measures for the 2019 reporting year. Review brief summaries of each measure to help you select the ones that best match your practice.

Quality measures selection tool

This interactive tool allows you to find the quality measures that best fit your practice. Use the tool to ease the selection process and increase your chances to avoid penalties and maximize your reimbursement incentive.

MIPS reporting with DataDerm

The 2019 MIPS Reporting Module found within AAD’s DataDerm™ offers you a simple way to earn up to a 7% incentive. Select your measures and see updates throughout the year on your progress.

Why use AAD measures

The Academy has developed 22 quality measures to help advance quality improvement. Several of the measures are eligible for MIPS reporting.

MIPS measures webinar

Academy experts give an overview of reporting MIPS measures in 2019.