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Image for DWII Paradoxical biological reactions and Grandma Dora’s waterbed
Paradoxical biological reactions & Grandma Dora’s waterbed

Few would question biologics’ remarkable efficacy, yet many seem surprised by their paradoxical reactions. Years ago, when psoriatic flares with TNF inhibitors were initially reported, clinicians were justifiably perplexed.

DWII image of scleredema
Thoughts on hyaluronidase and The House of God

As a medical dermatologist, I have never used hyaluronidase, but recent reports suggest that I might. HA has important biological and physiological functions that have been under-appreciated until recently.

Image for DWII
Dupilumab’s growing pains

Dupilumab has been a valuable addition to dermatologists’ therapeutic palette in managing atopic dermatitis. The biologic agent was released in 2017 and is now approved for patients who are at least 12 years old.

Aurora borealis
DWI&I holiday greeting 2020: Eyeing dermatology’s future 

Reflections on how far dermatology has come over the last decade. These advances will accelerate over the next decade — I anticipate that the holiday commentary for 2030 will be breathtaking!

Image of a neck with acanthosis nigricans
Topical retinoid therapy for acanthosis nigricans

Trifarotene, a novel first‐in‐class fourth‐generation topical retinoid, is a selective RAR γ agonist. In multiple mouse models trifarotene exhibited superior comedolytic, anti‐inflammatory, and depigmenting activity.

Medium severity nevus tissue slide
Beware: Discordance abounds among pathologists in diagnosis

There is considerable inconsistency in how pathologists diagnose melanocytic neoplasms. New research described here finds less than 50% concordance among pathologists in properly classifying lesions across lesion types.

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The goal of this website is to improve the practice of dermatology, while being stimulating, practical, thought-provoking, and enlightening. Perspectives on current dermatologic literature are offered that are meant to be used in the clinic.

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