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Lymphocytic thrombophilic arteritis

This rare disorder has a good prognosis. Whether it falls under the spectrum of cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa, or is a disease sui generis, will be determined when the etiology of these diseases is ascertained.

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LAG-3 checkpoint inhibition for advanced melanoma

LAG-3 inhibition by relatlimab is the newest checkpoint inhibitor that has demonstrated efficacy in advanced melanoma when used in combination with nivolumab.

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Eruptive pseudoangiomatosis is real

Although eruptive pseudoangiomatosis is usually encountered in children with viral syndrome, there are increasing reports in adults, including those with COVID-19, vaccination against SARS-CoV-19, and other conditions.

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Eye-opening news about oxymetazoline

Oxymetazoline has been used for its vasoconstrictive properties in rosacea, erythromlelagia, and post-acne erythema. The α-adrenergic receptors in the Muller muscle allow the drug to benefit patients with ptosis.

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One Toker over the line

In all likelihood, Zuska disease is a localized form of hidradenitis suppurativa. Should Pagetoid cells be observed histologically, Toker cell hyperplasia — a benign condition — must be considered.

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Recognition of Rituximab-induced late onset neutropenia

Late-onset neutropenia has been increasingly recognized in patients receiving rituximab. Dermatologists need to be cognizant of this adverse reaction and monitor patients carefully during rituximab therapy.

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