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The myths and mysteries of acquired port wine stains

Port wine stains are cutaneous capillary malformations that are characteristically congenital (CPWS) but may be acquired (APWS). To date, fewer than 100 cases of APWS have been described.

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PCR mite be the future of diagnosing scabies

Scabies may be the easiest or hardest diagnosis to render. Perhaps development of novel techniques such as PCR will simplify the process.

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We’re in hot water!

Vibrio vulnificus infections are potentially fatal infections. Because of the warming climate, these cases may be coming to a hospital near you. To save a life, dermatologists must recognize the risks and signs.

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Much ado about nothing in dermatopathology

As a dermatopathologist, I will scan slides attempting to render a diagnosis without clinical information. I then look at the requisition form for the clinician’s impression, with the goal of affording precise clinical-pathologic correlation.

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Pigmented onychomatricoma

Rightfully, monodactylous linear melanonychia should make any dermatologist nervous, with or without a Hutchinson sign. No nail unit melanoma should be left behind.

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Granulomatous slack skin: More than one type of mimicry

If Sir William Osler was alive today, he would need to modify his oft-quoted comment to: “He who knows syphilis, sarcoidosis, and CTCL, knows medicine.” What do all three disorders have in common? Granulomatous inflammation.

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