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Steroids and psoriasis

If the late Jim Croce was a dermatologist, he would have added the lyric that “you don’t give systemic steroids to psoriatic patients” because of the risk of inducing a pustular flare upon steroid withdrawal. Is this a myth?

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Multiple pilomatricomas by the numbers

I have always been beguiled by pilomatricomas (PM). From the time I first heard the term “calcifying epithelioma of Mahlerbe” or pondering “is it pilomaticoma or pilomatrixoma?” this benign lesion has been a source of wonder.

Image for DWII on diffuse dermal angiomatosis
Honing in on diffuse dermal angiomatosis

Diffuse dermal angiomatosis (DDA) was conceptualized as a variant of reactive angioendothelimatosis (RA) in 1994, reported on two women with severe peripheral vascular disease requiring bypass grafts.

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Leishmania episode 1a: attack of the clones

Humans serve as reservoirs for > 20 species of Leishmania, which are transmitted as flagellate promastigotes by sandflies. Within humans, the organisms convert to nonflagellate amastigotes.

Illustration for DWII on green nail syndrome
Going green: The complexities of the green nail syndrome

GNS is described as a triad of green discoloration of the nail plate, proximal paronychia, and distal onycholysis. The color of the nail may vary from blue-green, to green-brown, or green-yellow. Usually only one or two nails are involved.

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Introducing tirbanibulin for AK therapy

Tirbanibulin is as a non-ATP-competitive inhibitor of SRC proto-oncogene nonreceptor tyrosine kinase (SRC) that is being clinically investigated for the management of various cancers and actinic keratosis.

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