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Nonepidemic Kaposi sarcoma: The fifth dimension

Key questions need to be addressed regarding the pathogenesis of nonepidemic KS. Are there yet undefined predisposing factors causing immunodysregulation in patients that allows HHV-8 to become pathogenic?

Glucose monitors: Not as sweet as they seem

The next contact allergen of the year has been announced early by the American Contact Dermatitis Society and it is an acrylate, isobornyl acrylate.

Cutting giant congenital nevi down to size molecularly

I find giant congenital melanocytic nevi to be among the most unnerving skin lesions imaginable...with increasing understanding of the molecular pathways of GCMN we are on the cusp of targeted therapy for GCMN becoming a reality.

I never wanted chaperones — until now

Molecular chaperones facilitate the proper folding of proteins by binding to and stabilizing unfolded or partially folded proteins. Chemical chaperone therapy offers promise for genodermatoses...

Calcipotriene and 5-fluorouracil: Derm’s new dynamic duo?

Although patients are delighted to only apply a medication for two or three days, I now must explain that 5-FU reigns supreme in terms of AK clearance.

Shingles and the battle of the bulge

I just became cognizant of a “new” complication of HZ — (new to me, at least) — the post-herpetic abdominal pseudohernia.

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