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Image for DWII on uveal melanoma
Keeping an eye on melanoma

CAR is defined as an autoantibody-driven retinal degeneration that is not caused by tumor metastasis. The prevailing hypothesis is that antiretinal antibodies in high titers penetrate the retina, affecting function of the target antigens.

Image for DWII on Netherton syndrome
Netherton syndrome: From apex to nether

NS (OMIM 256500) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder, due to germline mutation of SPINK5, affecting one in 100,000 to 200,000 live births.

Image of Lipschutz ulcer
Lipschütz ulcers: Not only for women

LU (aka ulcus vulvae acutum, non-sexually related acute genital ulcers) are painful ulcerations of the external genitalia occurring primarily in adolescent females, with a mean age of onset of 14.5 years. Do they occur in boys?

Card illustration for DWII
Hoops and happiness

Seeking out meaningful opportunities in our professional lives, even if the timing may not seem perfect, can be intrinsically rewarding. Read pearls from the literature to help guide us.

Card image for DWII on COVID arm

Recently, I have been asked to see “emergency” patients who called in with a diagnosis of cellulitis after the COVID-19 vaccination. These patients were seen in urgent care over the weekend for a red, warm rash at the site of the vaccination.

Card image for DWII on steroids and psoriasis
Steroids and psoriasis

If the late Jim Croce was a dermatologist, he would have added the lyric that “you don’t give systemic steroids to psoriatic patients” because of the risk of inducing a pustular flare upon steroid withdrawal. Is this a myth?

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