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Looking into the whites of the mouth

In the United States, at least 48,330 cases of oral and oropharyngeal cancer are diagnosed annually, comprising approximately 3% of all cancer cases. Risk factors include alcohol, tobacco, and human papillomavirus infection.

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Can topical ketoconazole tip the scales for acne vulgaris?

It has recently been suggested that spironolactone might have superior drug usage survival compared to oral antibiotics for the treatment of female patients with acne.

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Studying skin aging: The potential role of oxytocin

A commentary on research into the mechanism of oxytocin in preventing cellular senescence in normal human dermal fibroblasts (NHDFs) isolated from the skin of female donors of different ages.

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Targeted anti-complement therapy and bullous pemphigoid

I have been seeing more cases of bullous pemphigoid (BP) than ever. This is likely a function of an aging population in concert with an increase of drug-induced cases. This commentary focuses on a new treatment approach.

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New data on radiation recall dermatitis

Radiation recall is an acute inflammatory reaction confined to an area previously exposed to radiation after a chemotherapeutic agent or other medication. Though we have learned much about RRD over the past six decades, many questions remain.

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COVID-19, part 7: Who was that masked man?

People are extraordinarily proficient in facial recognition by discriminating emotions associated with facial expressions. Observers rely mostly on the eyes, reflecting sadness or fear, and the mouth, expressing a range of emotion.

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The goal of this website is to improve the practice of dermatology, while being stimulating, practical, thought-provoking, and enlightening. Perspectives on current dermatologic literature are offered that are meant to be used in the clinic.

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