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Card illustration for DWII on palmar Pagetoid dyskeratosis
Palmar Pagetoid dyskeratosis: A sheep in wolf’s clothing

Pagetoid dyskeratosis is a benign process that must be recognized by dermatopathologists to avoid the misdiagnosis of extramammary Paget disease, Pagetoid squamous cell carcinoma in situ, and Pagetoid melanoma.

Card illustration for DWII on restrictive dermopathy
Unrestricted fascination with restrictive dermopathy

Restrictive dermopathy is a lethal laminopathy. Despite its rarity, it is essential to recognize the disorder, confirm the diagnosis by genetic testing, and help guide family planning.

Card illustration for DWII on hair straighteners and uterine cancer
Hair straighteners and the risk of uterine cancer

More studies are necessary to get this straight. Until then, it would be prudent to advise our concerned patients who want to straighten their hair to diminish the frequency of use until this risk is defined further.

Card illustration for DWII on Lipodystrophia semicircularis
Lipodystrophia semicircularis

Lipoatrophia semicircularis is a benign lipodystrophy that may resolve within months if causative microtrauma to the site can be identified and avoided.

Card illustration for DWII on Dupuytren’s disease
A helping hand for patients with Dupuytren’s disease

Nevus sebaceus is a common lesion with a small risk of developing secondary malignancies, with basal cell carcinomas being most likely. More study is warranted to determine if development of secondary neoplasms can be obviated.

Card illustration for DWII on TEMPI
Telangiectasias: When is it TEMPI time?

TEMPI syndrome is a newly recognized syndrome where dermatologists may be instrumental in securing the diagnosis. Early recognition may be lifesaving.

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To improve the practice of dermatology, while being stimulating, practical, thought-provoking, and enlightening by offering critical perspectives on current dermatologic literature meant to be used in the clinic today and in the future.

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