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Image for DWII on Infantile digital fibromatosis
Infantile digital fibromatosis: Inclusions and exclusions

Infantile digital fibromatosis may present atypically. Therapy must be tailored to the patient to determine if the standard “watch and wait” approach is most appropriate.

Image for DWII on JAKne
JAKne is on the horizon

Acne is a reported adverse reaction in patients with atopic dermatitis and alopecia areata treated with JAK inhibitors. For most patients, this can be managed with standard acne regimens while receiving the JAK inhibitors.

Image for DWII on multicentric reticulohistiocytosis
JAK inhibition and multicentric reticulohistiocytosis

Multicentric reticulohistiocytosis can devastate lives from its effect on the skin and joints. Further research on the use of JAK inhibitors is warranted as a therapeutic alternative.

Illustration for DWII on COVID-19 and nails
COVID-19 can nail you

Nail findings are often a late manifestation of COVID-19 infection, usually appearing after symptoms have resolved. Dermatologists should educate our patients that nail changes do not reflect active COVID-19 infection.

Image for DWII on isotretinoin and diabetes
Isotretinoin and diabetes: Of familiarity and surprise

Rarely, isotretinoin may be associated with new onset insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or worsening of glycemic control in existing diabetic patients.

Card illustration for DWII
When to see red in linear erythronychia

Onychopapillomas are usually benign. Lesions can usually be observed, but should they become painful or demonstrate obvious change, an excisional biopsy is warranted.

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To improve the practice of dermatology, while being stimulating, practical, thought-provoking, and enlightening by offering critical perspectives on current dermatologic literature meant to be used in the clinic today and in the future.

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