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International resources

AM 2020
Annual Academy Meeting 2020

The Academy's Annual Meeting offers the latest on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dermatologic disease from the foremost experts in the field.

2020 Innovation Academy
Innovation Academy 2020

The Academy is reimagining the summer educational meeting into a dynamic event that recognizes dermatologists are innovators and entrepreneurs.

JAAD cover

Access JAAD, which is designed to meet the clinical and continuing education needs of the dermatologic community.

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Continuing education

The AAD is your premier educational home for continuing professional development in dermatology with the goal of improving patient care outcomes.

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Awards, grants, and scholarships

The Academy bestows a number of prestigious awards to recognize the contributions of individuals to the specialty.

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Clinical guidelines

Review current clinical guidelines, those in development, and guidelines that the AAD has collaborated on.

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DW Insights & Inquiries

DWI&I offers perspectives on current dermatologic literature that are meant to be used in the clinic.

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Clinical apps

The Academy offers a wide range of mobile applications designed to help both dermatologists and patients.

Patient education pamphlets
Patient education materials

Access education materials, including print pamphlets and online education, to provide valuable medical guidance to your patients.