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Directions in Residency

DermWorld Directions in Residency is published quarterly by the Academy. The publication includes features that will help you make the most of your residency experience and prepare you for the next stages of your career.

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Residents: Do you have good content for DermWorld Directions in Residency? A Boards Fodder chart, a Race for the Case submission, or other content? Check out the submission guidelines (PDF) and email Dean Monti.

Fall 2022: DermWorld Directions in Residency (PDF)
  • Feature: Should I stay or should I go? Choosing a career path after residency by Tanya Greywal, MD, FAAD

  • Race for the Case: Fall 2022 by Hesham Alshaikh, MD, and Alison Bailey, MD

  • Boards Fodder: Antiseptics and sterilization methods (PDF) by Stephanie Saridakis, DO, and Morgan Amigo, MD

  • Clinical pearls: Scar revision pearls (PDF) by H. William Higgins II, MD, MBE, FAAD

  • Resident Life: Mentorship matters by Pallavi Basu, MD

  • Inside this issue: Naomi Briones, MD

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Get top tips from experts about key information residents should know before they begin their careers in practice.

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