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Support SPOT Skin Cancer™

Dermatologists performing skin cancer screening

The AAD's SPOT Skin Cancer™ initiative is leading the fight against skin cancer. Your support helps reduce the incidence of skin cancer and saves lives by building shade structures, providing free skin cancer screenings, and educating the public on the importance of skin cancer detection and prevention.

AAD's free Skin Cancer Screening Program - providing early detection

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46,000+ Dermatologists volunteered in skin cancer screenings since 1997

Skin cancer screenings

2.8 Million people screened for skin cancer for free

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More than 290,000 suspicious lesions detected

More than 33,300 suspected melanomas found

You help make a difference

Impact stories

Your support of SPOT Skin Cancer™ is critical in reducing the incidence of skin cancer. Learn more about the impact of this initiative by reading these stories.

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Sarah, Public Health Department in Utica, New York

“It’s incredible to be able to offer sunscreen to our community and visitors. Thank you.”

─ Sarah, Public Health Department in Utica, New York who received 60 dispensers for community areas

Susan Boiko, MD, FAAD, skin cancer screener

“When I began to approach retirement, I knew volunteering would be important to me, and the AAD has provided so many fulfilling opportunities. My first AAD skin cancer screening led to a passion for performing them not only in San Diego, but as far afield as Anaheim, at Disneyland. Thanks to generous AAD support with informational and procedural materials, I have had the pleasure of screening hundreds of individuals who might not have otherwise seen a dermatologist.”

─ Susan Boiko, MD, FAAD, skin cancer screener

Armed Services YMCA in El Paso, Texas and Shade Structure grant recipient

“Thank you AAD for awarding us the opportunity to install a shade structure over our courtyard. The shade structure has greatly protected us from the harmful rays of the El Paso sun while allowing us to increase outdoor physical activities and expose our youth to different exercises, such as yoga. This shade structure has encouraged happier and healthier lifestyle habits for our youth, staff and community members.”

─ Armed Services YMCA in El Paso, Texas and Shade Structure grant recipient

Josephine C. McAllister, MD, FAAD

“When the team at our practice heard about the AAD’s Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™ it felt like a natural fit. Sharing our passion for skin cancer education and prevention through this fun and educational fundraising walk is a natural outgrowth of what we do every day to encourage our patients to protect their skin and show our community how much we care about them and their families.”

─ Josephine C. McAllister, MD, FAAD, held a local hike and raised funds for a shade structure in her community