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Enroll in DataDerm

Dermatologists and non-physician clinicians who are AAD members* in the United States can follow these steps to get started with DataDerm.

If you are a new DataDerm enrollee looking to onboard for 2024, please email the DataDerm team for more information on integration options with your EHR and DataDerm. If you are a Modernizing Medicine user, please email the DataDerm team prior to completing registration. Registration for new enrollees closes Jun. 1, 2024

* You must be an active member of the Academy to use DataDerm, as it is a members-only benefit. If you are not an active member, please review the AAD's membership requirements or call the Member Resource Center at 866-503-7546.

Step 1

EHR users: Verify whether your EHR will integrate with DataDerm.

Step 2 – Complete the DataDerm sign-up portal

Use your AAD member ID and password to login to the portal.

Go to the signup portal.

Step 3 – Complete the user agreement 

At the end of the sign-up portal process, you will review and sign the DataDerm agreement. You will have the option to agree and submit the form electronically, or download the agreement and email it to dataderm@aad.org.

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