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Awards, grants, and scholarships

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All awards, grants, and scholarships

View a table of all awards, grants, and scholarships awarded by the AAD.

Stars of the Academy welcome video

Watch Bruce H. Thiers, MD, FAAD introduce the 2021 awards.

Stars of the Academy

See a PDF of everyone who received an award in this year's Stars of the Academy.

Individual awards

View the winners for all AAD/A individual awards and help us honor these dermatologists.

Board and officer awards

Help recognize Academy board members and officers.

Presidential citations

Access the full list of all those who received Academy Presidential Citations.

Named lectureships

See the dermatologists who were awarded named lectureships.

Outgoing chairs

This page honors dermatologists who have served as council or committee chairs.

State and society awards

See awards given to state and society dermatology associations.

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