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DermWorld Coding Consult

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Academy coding staff address important coding topics each month in DermWorld “Coding Consult.” (You can also visit the full Derm Coding Consult archive.)

Latest articles

2022 first and second quarter NCCI edit updates

Academy coding experts highlight the first and second quarter NCCI PTP edit updates.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining in dermatology

Academy coding experts discuss coding and reporting for immunohistochemistry staining in dermatology.

CPT: Who are they, and why are they doing this to me?

Alexander Miller, MD, FAAD, explains.

See the light in reporting phototherapy services

Academy coding staff address the documentation needed to support medical necessity for UV light therapy services.

Private payer coding issues

Academy coding staff address frequently asked questions on coding and reporting with private payers.

Getting paid for repeat procedural services

Academy experts discuss the secret ingredient for getting paid for repeat procedural services.

Most popular articles

AMA introduces new prolonged service code for 2021

The AMA introduced a new prolonged service code. Experts explain its effects on dermatology.

Definitions for medical decision-making elements

Academy experts explain the medical decision-making elements for E/M services.

Modifier 25 and E/M coding in 2021

Academy experts explain what's new in modifier 25 and E/M coding in 2021.

What we learned about E/M coding and reimbursement in 2021

What have we learned about E/M coding and reimbursement in 2021? Academy experts explain.

ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding updates for 2022

Academy experts discuss ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding updates for 2022.

How to survive and thrive with the 2021 E/M coding changes

Academy experts discuss the 2021 E/M coding changes.

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