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The future is here. Our up-and-coming residents need your support to further their education for the care of tomorrow’s patients. Support of Resident Education will make that happen. Act now.

Resident Education Grant

13,000 residents were able to attend the 2019 Annual Meeting because of the AAD's Resident Education Grant

Over 75% of eligible residents have received assistance through this program to attend the AAD's Annual Meeting

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When you share the impact an AAD program has had on you, you provide inspiration for others to get involved or to see why their support matters. Let others know why resident education grants matter to you.

Share your story
Vanessa C. Lichon, MD

“As a resident, attending the AAD Annual Meeting is an exciting opportunity as it provides the most unique forum of education, networking, and collegiality all in one. With funds dedicated to support resident attendance to the AAD, it will give more residents access to this meeting. Once you have attended one Annual Meeting, you continue to go both for CME and to reconnect with everyone you have met from previous years.”

─ Vanessa C. Lichon, MD, AAD Fellow since 2013

Murad Alam, MD

“The AAD Annual Meeting is a ‘must-attend’ for dermatology residents. There is so much learning that takes place at the Annual Meeting, and it’s not all in the educational sessions. There is much personal and professional growth taking place outside those sessions, by meeting others, hearing their stories and gaining knowledge and insights you never would have been exposed to otherwise.”

─ Murad Alam, MD, AAD Fellow since 2003

William D. James, MD

“I was amazed to hear from the people who wrote the textbooks I was reading. It made learning come alive. The personal value of being in the room with someone who is an internationally recognized expert or someone who has unlocked the keys to a disease is palpable. And, not only to hear from them, I could meet them, ask them questions, and engage with them in a very personal way.”

─ William D. James, MD, AAD Fellow since 1982

Diane R. Baker, MD

“There are so many educational opportunities at the AAD Annual Meeting, from large lectures to smaller, more intimate and interactive sessions. As a resident I was amazed and delighted to be in the presence of so many famous dermatologists at the Annual Meeting; the experts whose papers and textbooks I was reading. And they were all so gracious and willing to talk with us and answer questions.”

─ Diane R. Baker, MD, AAD Fellow since 1975