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Key Contacts

AADA Key Contacts are grassroots advocates who develop and maintain personal relationships with their elected officials. Key Contacts receive training and support from AADA staff and have opportunities to network with others in the program. They are a trusted resource to their elected officials on policy issues affecting dermatologists and the specialty.

Become a Key Contact

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Why become a Key Contact?

Key Contacts are essential to the advocacy efforts of the AADA. Legislators want to hear from YOU about the issues affecting dermatologists and patients. The Key Contact program will give you the resources to feel confident and comfortable interacting with your legislators and advocating for the specialty.

Key Contact responsibilities

At least two of the following activities per year are the minimum expectations for participation:

  • Respond to AADA Action Alerts

  • Contribute to SkinPAC if legally eligible

  • Meet with legislators in DC, including attending the AADA Legislative Conference

  • Meeting with legislators in their state capitol

  • Meet with legislators in their state or district office

  • Host a facility/practice tour with a legislator

  • Attend a local town hall meeting

  • Host or co-host event (SkinPAC)


Q: Do I need to have any prior experience to become a Key Contact?

A: No prior experience is required! We will give you the training and resources necessary to develop and maintain a relationship with your legislator.

Q: What is the time commitment to be a Key Contact?

A: Check-in meetings with staff will be held virtually every other month, and Key Contacts will be expected to respond to action alerts when sent out. Besides that, after you complete your two required activities for participation, the program is what you make it.

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