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State advocacy resources

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Find your state society

Looking to get involved at the local level? Search for your state society.

Step therapy legislation map
Step therapy legislation

Get the latest news on step therapy legislation that has passed in states.

Pending state legislation landing page image
Pending state legislation

Get updates on laws that are pending in state legislatures.

State advocacy grants image
State advocacy grants

This grant provides financial assistance to state dermatology societies for the advancement of their health policy initiatives, including state lobbying expenses.

Advocate of the year award
Advocate of the year award

This award recognizes a member who sets an example for his or her peers by undertaking a significant amount of advocacy endeavors.

Card illustration for state advocacy priorities
State advocacy issue guide

Download a convenient PDF that describes the Academy's state advocacy priorities, including truth in advertising, indoor tanning, and more.

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State society resources

The Academy is working to deliver information and resources state societies need to stay connected and help advocate for the specialty. Here, you'll find a list of tools, resources, meetings, and events offered to state dermatology societies.