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Misunderstanding about skin conditions common to children ages 8-13, such as acne, can lead to teasing and bullying. Good Skin Knowledge helps combat this by providing free resources to educators. These fun, easy-to-use lesson plans teach children important lessons about skin health and help build self-confidence about their skin.

Good Skin Knowledge - providing free skin health resources for kids

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Over 16,500 children educated on good hair, skin, and nail care from around the U.S. and the world

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34 different lesson plans and accompanying activities available for free online

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Since 2022, over 80 grants awarded to community organizations from 30 states

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Impact stories

Your support of Good Skin Knowledge makes an impact on children in your community. Learn more about the impact of this youth education campaign by reading these stories.

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Katie O'Connell, MS, Good Skin Knowledge volunteer

“The way the dermatology topics are outlined is particularly useful in helping kids understand skin care and develop good habits. The Good Skin Knowledge lesson plans enabled us to engage the Girl Scouts, teach them about their biggest organ, and get them excited about skin health, safety, and self-esteem.”

─ Katie O'Connell, MS, Good Skin Knowledge volunteer

Jeff Merhige, Executive Director of YMCA of Middle Tennessee, Good Skin Knowledge user

“We’re just really grateful for the information and materials the AAD provides (through Good Skin Knowledge). The kids are reminded to be careful about sun exposure. These talking points have been beneficial for both the children and the parents.”

─ Jeff Merhige, Executive Director of YMCA of Middle Tennessee, Good Skin Knowledge user

San Francisco Glens Soccer Club

“We chose your curriculum because we felt it was the most relevant and effective way to teach our kids at different age levels about sun protection. Thanks again!”

─ Ryan Maquiñana, San Francisco Glens Soccer Club, Good Skin Knowledge user

Holy Family School, South Pasadena, California

“The teachers felt that the students were already fairly well-educated regarding healthy sun habits. Perhaps that is due to the fact that education on the need for sun protection starts early here. Due to the significant risk of skin cancer, though, we need to consistently reinforce the need for sun protection.

The experience was totally different, however, with the acne module. Virtually half the students did not know the difference between acne myths and truths — but after the acne module they do now! The Good Skin Knowledge Lesson Plans provided a significant learning opportunity for all students. ”

─ Holy Family School, South Pasadena, California