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Coding Resource Center

CPT coding overview

This video gives an overview of the practical tips and tools you'll find in the Coding Resource Center. From CPT to ICD-10 to E/M coding, these Academy resources will simplify your coding life.

Find practical tips, tools, quizzes, and videos about common dermatological coding issues.

surgical procedures icon
Surgical and procedure codes

Access a guide for biopsies and other surgical and procedure codes. Download a handy reference guide or use the Academy's online coding tool.

modifiers icon

Learn when to append a modifier to a procedure or E/M code. Whether it is modifier 25 or other modifiers common to dermatology, these resources will prove indispensable.

e/m coding icon
Evaluation and management (E/M) codes

Learn best practices for assessing a patient’s condition with E/M codes. Cut through the complexity and learn best practices to ensure your codes are accurate.

Card illustration for E/M coding tool
E/M coding tools

Access the Academy's coding tools for streamlined guidance on selecting the most appropriate E/M code for office encounters.

ICD-10 icon
ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes

Find practical tips on how to use ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes in your practice. ICD-10 coding need not be hopelessly complex when you drill down on the codes dermatologists use most frequently.

audits icon

Learn about common reasons for audits, and how to handle a RAC audit. If you are audited, meet requirements to hold on to your reimbursements.

quick coding guides icon
Quick coding guides

Download these coding tip sheets for practical guidance on common coding. These convenient coding guides will ease your dermatology coding.

Derm Coding Consult cover
Derm Coding Consult

Derm Coding Consult provides the latest information about accurate diagnostic and procedural coding, along with reimbursement. Get advice from top Academy coding experts.

Card illustration for coding education
Resident’s online coding education

This online course helps you understand the fundamentals of coding for dermatology, including CPT codes, ICD-10-CM codes, and more.