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Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The AAD’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative aims to foster diversity in the dermatology specialty and develop strategies to increase dermatological services to underserved populations. Your support will help increase diversity in the specialty by mentoring medical students of color and encouraging them to join the specialty, recognizing their academic research through our Investigator Awards, and providing resources for select residents and young physicians to attend the AAD Annual Meeting.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - fostering diversity in dermatology

Over 30% of Diversity Mentorship participants get into dermatology residencies and become board-certified dermatologists

40 member dermatologists have volunteered to mentor students in the Diversity Mentorship Program

100% of Nth Dimension program participants match in dermatology residencies

You help make a difference

Impact stories

Your support of the DEI initiative is critical in fostering diversity in dermatology. Learn more about the impact of this initiative by reading these stories.

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Shanice McKenzie, MD, Diversity Mentorship Program participant

“Mentorship has always been exceedingly important to me. Once I started medical school and developed an interest in dermatology, I found it difficult to find and connect with a career mentor. The AAD Diversity Mentorship Program has gifted me with the invaluable opportunity to develop a mentorship relationship with a giant in the field of dermatology. I am very grateful for this experience and hope to be a mentor for this program someday in the future.”

─ Shanice McKenzie, MD, Diversity Mentorship Program participant

Virginia Jones, MD, MS, Diversity Mentorship Program participant

“My experience participating in the AAD Diversity Mentorship Program was incredible. The one-on-one mentorship helped strengthen my clinic abilities and allowed me to work with underserved populations in Chicago. This opportunity further solidified my choice to pursue dermatology as a career. I highly recommend the AAD Diversity Mentorship Program to every URM student seeking exposure to the field of dermatology. This experience is truly one of a kind and is immensely rewarding.”

─ Virginia Jones, MD, MS, Diversity Mentorship Program participant and future dermatologist, class of 2025

“During my time in the AAD Diversity Mentorship Program, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Jennifer Stein. I am passionate about addressing the health disparities that exist in dermatology, and intend to continue work in both clinical research and public health advocacy during residency and into my career. Dr. Stein provided me more resources and tools for success for my goals than I could have imagined, and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a career in dermatology.”

─ Ekene Ezenwa, MD, Diversity Mentorship Program participant