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DataDermTM is dermatology’s largest clinical data registry. It helps you improve quality of care, optimize practice efficiency, facilitate health services research, and demonstrate value to payers and insurers.

Vendor transition

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DataDerm vendor update

Learn about our next-generation platform and vendor transition timeline, and what it means to your practice.

Access data

dataderm dashboard icon
DataDerm dashboard

Already enrolled in DataDerm? Access your dashboard. See real-time information on your reporting progress.

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DataDerm FAQs

Get quick answers to your questions, including details on reporting deadlines, clinician enrollment, and more.

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DataDerm resources

The DataDerm resource library offers a variety of useful forms, training guides, and links for your support.

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Data requests

DataDerm’s real-world data is available to Academy members to support research and quality improvement initiatives.

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AAD and OM1

Learn how our collaboration enables access to quality clinical data critical for advancing medical research and improving outcomes.

Become a participant

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Enroll in DataDerm

Review the 3-step process and enroll in DataDerm today. Our CMS-certified registry supports your reporting success.

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EHR integration

See a list of EHRs DataDerm recognizes for integrating with the registry, categorized by how fully they integrate.

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Academic medical centers

Explore how the world’s largest dermatology registry can help your AMC achieve new insights into the data you value most.

Request a DataDerm consultation

Our registry experts are available to answer your questions about enrollment, EHR integration, and more.

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