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Spit, swab, drop DNA in the mail. This month, physicians, researchers, and medical ethicists discuss the clinical utility, potential risks, and ethical considerations of direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

Pediatric drug testing obstacles

Is the drug trial landscape about to change? DW explores the reasons why children have been left out of drug studies, the legislative and regulatory frameworks in place, and the progress that is being made in pediatric drug testing.

Are we there yet?

In an ideal world, physicians could access patients’ health information from other doctors with the click of a button. But medicine isn’t quite there yet. This month, experts discuss the current status of EHR interoperability initiatives.

Digital marketing 101

Use these basics to build the perfect practice website.

Digital marketing 102

Get started with social media — or take your online presence to the next level.

Seeing eye to eye

When insurance doesn’t cover standard of care treatments, who pays the price?

Disaster strikes! Are you prepared?

Experts offer advice on emergency preparedness planning for your practice.

Back in the day...

How has dermatology changed over the last 40 years?

Private equity at a glance

A visual guide to private equity’s presence within the specialty.

Navigating natural medicine

Meeting patients’ desire for alternative medicine with evidence-based care.

Patient as pawn

With the introduction of the ‘copay accumulator,’ the battle between insurers and drug makers has escalated.

Answers in Practice

It’s the last quarter of MIPS performance year 2019: Do you have a game plan?

Cracking the Code

Alex Miller, MD, offers a modifier 25 refresher.

Legally Speaking

Peering through the haze of medical marijuana laws.

Clinical Applications

Diagnosing and managing delusional parasitosis.

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