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Dermatology World

Laser focus

Dermatologist experts discuss the latest advances in laser technology and offer tips on how to navigate the research and acquisition process.

A team effort

COVID has fast-tracked crowdsourcing in health care — how will it affect future medical research?

Powering down

A step-by-step guide for physicians retiring from practice.

Coding Consult
Coding Consult

What have we learned about E/M coding and reimbursement in 2021? Academy coding experts explain.

art for Clinical Applications
Clinical Applications

Is there evidence to suggest a true remittive effect of JAK inhibitors for atopic dermatitis? Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPH, explains.

Answers in Practice

Understanding what you need to know about patients’ rights to their medical records.

Facts at Your Fingertips

DermWorld looks at how dermatology patient care has changed during COVID-19.

Legally Speaking

Can dermatology employers require employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Body contouring carves out its niche

Take a look at what’s shaping up in cosmetic dermatology.

Behind the lens

Learn more about training and research gaps that impact skin of color patients.

Filling in

Read about what locum tenens work entails.

From the Editor

Physician editor Kathryn Schwarzenberger, MD, previews this month’s issue.

What’s Hot?

Members of DermWord’s Editorial Advisory Workgroup share exciting news from across the specialty.

From the president

Academy President Kenneth Tomecki, MD, offers his thoughts on the future of dermatology.

Asked & Answered

Where can I find resources on the Academy’s website on how to promote my practice?

Additional Dermatology World Resources