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Patient asking dermatologist a question during office visit
Diseases and conditions

Want to know what dermatologists tell their patients about managing conditions that affect the skin, hair, or nails? You'll find their expertise and insight here.

Woman washing her face
Everyday care

This insight from board-certified dermatologists can help you take the best possible care of your skin, hair, and nails.

Woman with red sunburned back and shoulders.
How to treat sunburn

These tips from dermatologists can help relieve the discomfort.

Poison ivy warning image for navigation feature in everyday care
Outsmart poison ivy this summer

You’ll find everything you need to treat (and prevent) a rash from poison ivy, oak, and sumac.

Illustration showing coronaviruses on blue background
Coronavirus Resource Center

During the coronavirus pandemic, the AAD's Coronavirus Resource Center will help you find information about changes in dermatology and how you can continue to care for your skin, hair, and nails.

skin healthy magazine

Read dermatologists' insights on how to recognize and treat common skin conditions, and what treatments can help you look and feel your best.

Diseases & conditions

Woman in bathrobe applying moisturizer to her leg
Keratosis pilaris: How to treat it at home

Those tiny, rough bumps on your upper arms and thighs could be keratosis pilaris. It’s harmless and easy to treat.

Fresh vegetables, a fish, and other healthy foods
A diet for psoriasis?

While there’s no one diet for psoriasis, changing what you eat may help reduce flare-ups. Here’s what studies have found.

The word
Syphilis makes a comeback

More people have been diagnosed with syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease, than HIV in recent years. Find out why and if you could be at risk.

Dermatologist examines mole on patient's neck
5 reasons to see a dermatologist for mole, skin tag removal

While sheltering in place, some people are removing their own moles and skin tags. Find out why you want a dermatologist to do this for you.

Woman grimacing in bathroom mirror while squeezing a pimple on her face
How to treat a deep, painful pimple

Popping a deep, painful pimple can make matters worse. Here’s what dermatologists recommend that you do instead.

Person checking blood sugar level with finger-prick device
Diabetes: 12 warning signs that appear on your skin

If you have any of these on your skin, it’s time to find out if you might have diabetes or prediabetes.

Woman pulling turtleneck up to cover her face
10 reasons your face is red

Many things can turn our faces red, including sunburn and acne. Here are 10 less obvious reasons.

Dermatologist holding sign that reads, “Psoriasis increases your risk of developing other medical conditions.
Psoriasis can affect more than your skin

Tell your dermatologist if you have psoriasis and have any of these signs or symptoms.

Featured video

How to treat keratosis pilaris at home

Keratosis pilaris causes tiny, rough feeling bumps to appear on the skin, most often on the upper arms and thighs. While treatment isn’t necessary for keratosis pilaris, if the itch, dryness, or appearance bother you, board-certified dermatologists recommend these tips.

For more dermatologist recommended tips for treating keratosis pilaris at home, read Keratosis plaris: Self-care.

Everyday care

Woman's hand with pink nail polish
Dip powder nails: 5 tips

A dip powder manicure can be hard on your nails. This insight from dermatologists can help you safely get dip nails and keep your nails healthy.

Man shaves, using a thick layer of shaving cream
Razor bump remedies for men of color

Dermatologists say you don’t have to live with the constant bumps and discomfort. See what can help.

AAD infographic about face mask skin care
Face mask skin care made simple: Infographic

Common skin problems like acne and dry, irritated skin can develop beneath your face mask. To help you prevent face mask skin problems, we’ve compiled these simple skin care tips from dermatologists.

Huge skin care products falling into tiny shopping cart
Skin care on a budget

Skin care products can be effective and budget friendly. These dermatologists’ tips reveal what you need to know.

Person covering their face with hair
When acne won't clear

Virtually everyone can see clearer skin. If you’re not, try these 10 dermatologists’ tips.

Woman scratching her scalp
10 reasons your scalp itches

This dermatologists’ insight can help you figure out why your scalp itches and what can bring relief.

Learn more about everyday skin, hair, and nail care

Upgrade your routine with advice from the skin, hair, and nail experts.

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