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How to reduce rosacea flare-ups

If your rosacea worsens during the holidays, triggers may be the cause. These dermatologists’ tips can help you tame your triggers.

How to check your skin for skin cancer

You can catch skin cancer early by examining your skin. This short video shows you how to check your skin and what to look for.

Why choose a board-certified dermatologist?

Board-certified means that the doctor is qualified to give you the highest level of care.

How to care for childhood skin problems

Children often require treatment that differs from that given to adults. These handouts provide the information parents need.

Dermatologists treat cosmetic concerns

Acne scars. Deep wrinkles. Visible leg veins. Dermatologists have the expertise needed to recommend the right treatment for your concerns.

Apply for a shade structure grant

To protect children’s skin from the sun, the AAD offers grants to build permanent shade structures. Schools and non-profits can apply.

Diseases & conditions

How to treat a deep, painful pimple

Popping a deep, painful pimple can make matters worse. Here’s what dermatologists recommend that you do instead.

Diabetes: 12 warning signs that appear on your skin

If you have any of these on your skin, it’s time to find out if you might have diabetes or prediabetes.

10 reasons your face is red

Many things can turn our faces red, including sunburn and acne. Here are 10 less obvious reasons.

Hair loss: How a dermatologist can help

A dermatologist can tell you what’s causing that widening part or bald spot and when treatment may help.

Psoriasis can affect more than your skin

Tell your dermatologist if you have psoriasis and have any of these signs or symptoms.

Keratosis pilaris: How to treat it at home

Those tiny, rough bumps on your upper arms and thighs could be keratosis pilaris. It’s harmless and easy to treat.

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This month's featured videos

Everyday care

10 skin care secrets for healthier skin

These simple solutions can leave your skin looking its best.

Dry skin relief

Heal dry skin and prevent it from returning with these dermatologists’ tips.

How to heal dry, chapped lips

You can have soft, supple lips year-round with these insider secrets.

10 reasons your scalp itches

This dermatologists’ insight can help you figure out why your scalp itches and what can bring relief.

When tattoos cause unexpected skin reactions

Even with the best of care, your skin can react to a tattoo. Find out what you can do.

Proper wound care can minimize a scar

While it can be hard to avoid a scar, proper wound care can make a scar less noticeable.

Learn more about everyday skin, hair, and nail care

Upgrade your routine with advice from the skin, hair, and nail experts.

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