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No one knows your skin better than a board-certified dermatologist.

Partner with the expert for the best care.

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Dermatologist examining rash on patient’s arm
What is a dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis of skin, hair, and nail conditions. Find out why you’re in good hands when you see a dermatologist.

Multi-aged team of dermatologists
How to select a dermatologist

You have choices when it comes to your health care. Here’s how to choose the dermatologist who aligns with your needs.

Board-certified dermatologist, an FAAD, cheerfully talking with patient
What is an FAAD?

When you see the letters FAAD, you know you're seeing a board-certified dermatologist. Find out what this means to your care.


Patient asking dermatologist a question during office visit
Diseases and conditions

Want to know what dermatologists tell their patients about managing conditions that affect the skin, hair, or nails? You'll find their expertise and insight here.

Woman washing her face
Everyday care

This insight from board-certified dermatologists can help you take the best possible care of your skin, hair, and nails.

September is Alopecia areata month circle graphic
Alopecia areata: New treatments helping people regrow hair

Not long ago, there were no FDA-approved treatments for alopecia areata. Now, there are two. See how dermatologists are treating this condition.

Man in his 70s wearing wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses to reduce skin cancer risk
Skin cancer can look like a sore, pimple, or age spot

Millions of people are diagnosed with the most common type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, each year. If you find any of these warning signs on your skin, see a board-certified dermatologist.

Dermatologist holding sign that reads, “Psoriasis increases your risk of developing other medical conditions.
Psoriasis can affect more than your skin

Psoriasis can increase the risk of developing other medical conditions. Tell your dermatologist if you have any of these signs or symptoms.

skin healthy magazine image for summer 2023 issue
skin healthy magazine

Discover the experts’ top skin cancer prevention tips, along with your guides to keeping skin, hair, and nails looking and feeling good during warmer weather.

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4 nail injury tips from dermatologists

To prevent a nail injury, keep your nails short, choose the right shoes, and wear protective gear when playing sports.

If you do injure your nail, follow these tips from board-certified dermatologists to care for your wound at home.

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Group of kids lying on each other in a park
How often do children need to wash their hair?

Do you have a child between 8 and 12 years of age who spends summertime outdoors? Find out how often dermatologists recommend that active kids in this age group wash their hair.

Man choosing sunscreen product in department store
Sunscreen FAQs

Sunscreen plays an important role in protecting your skin from the sun. Find out how to use it to get the protection you need.

A wooden sign on the forest floor warns of poison ivy
Poison ivy: What the rash looks like

If you have a rash after being outdoors, you may wonder if poison ivy is the culprit. Find out how long it takes for this rash to appear and what it can look like.

Bandage on back of heel from a blister
Prevent and treat blisters like a dermatologist

Blisters are especially common during warm weather. This video shows you how to reduce your risk of getting a blister and what treatment dermatologists recommend if you develop one.

Woman removing pale pink gel nail polish from her fingernails
How to remove gel nail polish

You can remove gel nail polish at home. Dermatologist Shari Lipner, MD, PhD, FAAD, shares her secret for safely doing this without damaging your nails.

UV-C light wand
UV wands can burn your skin, eyes in seconds

FDA testing found that some UV wands used to clean and disinfect give off unsafe levels of UV radiation. Find out how to protect yourself and your family from UV injuries.

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Upgrade your routine with advice from the skin, hair, and nail experts.

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