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Resident Quality Improvement Award project presentations 2023

The recipients of the 2023 Resident Quality Improvement Award present their quality improvement projects.

Development of a toolkit to improve responses to microaggressions in the clinical setting

Kimberly Breglio, MD, D.PHil

Virtual reality as a means to reduce anxiety and procedural pain in pediatric dermatology outpatient procedures

Erica B. Lee, MD and Rito N. Swali

Ethics for the Dermatology Trainee: A Pilot Course

Nishad Sathe, MD

Improving the effectiveness of a safety net teledermatology consult service through a standardized referral template

Mika Tabata, MD

Enhancing Melanoma Reporting in Your State

Michael Tassavor, MD

A Quality Improvement Initiative to Decrease Skin Biopsy Tray and Surgical Waste

Paige W. Wolstencroft, MD, MS