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Resident Quality Improvement Award project presentations 2021

The recipients of the 2021 Resident Quality Improvement Award present their quality improvement projects.

Reliable Sample Tracking: QI project to prevent pathway sample loss

Sungat K. Grewel, MD

Ensuring follow-up for patients who cancel or “no-show” skin cancer excision appointments

Connie Shi, MD

Post-visit informational visits to enhance patient understanding of and comfort with commonly prescribed dermatologic therapies

Kevin Y. Chao, MD

The Impact of Guided In-Home Photography for Telehealth on Patient Care in the Era of a Pandemic

Marie Donaldson, MD

Melanoma Patient Education: melanoma survivorship care plans, care team communication, and patient behavior

Paul Wirth, MD

Assessing the Impact of a Targeted Skin of Color Workshop on the Diagnostic Accuracy and Confidence in Treating Skin of Color Amongst Interprofessional Health Care Providers

Priscilla Kojder, MD