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Resident Quality Improvement Award project presentations 2022

The recipients of the 2022 Resident Quality Improvement Award present their quality improvement projects.

Improving Quality of Care for Spanish-Speaking Patients in a Dermatology Clinic

Afton Metkowski, MD

Vaccination Rates in Patients on Biologic Therapy

Carolyn Opene, MD

Using DataDerm For Custom QI Metrics Challenges and Opportunities

Ross Pearlman, MD

EQTI - Equity in Teaching Images

Divya Seth, MD MPH and William Zhang, MD

Identifying Pediatric Dermatology Patients for whom a Virtual Visit will not Suffice in the COVID-19 Era - A QI Initiative

Asma Amir Ali, MD

Increasing HP Vaccination Rates Amongst Dermatology Patients Presenting with Condyloma Acuminata

Jaclyn Himeles, MD and Costner McKenzie, MD

Learning Practical Dermatology Skills Through Animated Vignettes - An Effective Medical School Educational Intervention

Harry Liu, MD