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AAD Event Advertising

Attendees rate the interaction with companies as one of the most important aspects of their AAD meeting experience. AAD events offer a prime venue to showcase new products meet with members.

The Academy's annual and summer scientific meetings offer unprecedented access to thousands of dermatologists attending high-profile continuing medical education events. For exhibitors that wish to promote their products and services, build booth traffic, and help prepare attendees for a personal message in face-to-face discussions, the Academy offers a wide selection of advertising opportunities such as the Advance Announcement, DW Meeting News, event media website and e-newsletters, and much more. See below for detailed rate cards!

  • Annual Meeting
  • Summer Meeting
  • Contact info
  • Annual Meeting 2022 opportunities will be available in late summer.

    PRINT (Ascend Media)​

    • Advance Announcement 

    • Onsite Meeting Guide 

    • Welcome Guide

    • DW Annual Meeting News

    • Newsstand rack sponsorships

    • Dermatology World March Convention Issue and Editorial calendar and rates

    • Dermatology World magazine rack sponsorship

    DIGITAL (Ascend Media)​

    • Attendee email confirmation sponsorships

    • DW Annual Meeting News e-Preview

    • DW Annual Meeting News eDaily

    • DW Annual Meeting News eHighlights

    • Meeting News Landing Page

    HOTEL (Ascend Media)​

    • Dr. Bag Door Drops

    • Individual Door Drops

    • Hyatt Regency at Colorado Convention Center

    • Sheraton Denver Downtown

    • Embassy Suites Denver Downtown


    SHUTTLE BUSES (Newsday Communications)

    • Bus Print Advertising

    • Bus and Hotel Video Advertising

    PRINT (Ascend Media)

    Due to COVID-19, the Academy has deemed the 2021 Summer Meeting a touchless meeting, therefore there will be minimal print opportunities for this meeting.

    DIGITAL (Ascend Media)

    HOTELS (Ascend Media)


    Official advertising representatives for AAD meeting opportunities

    Print, Digital, and Hotel Opportunities
    Ascend Media
    Cathleen Gorby
    Email: cgorby@ascendintegratedmedia.com
    Phone: (913) 780-6923

    Out-of-Home/Citywide Opportunities
    EMC Events
    Song Ho
    Email: sch@emcoutdoor.com
    Phone: (610) 355-4450

    Shuttle Bus Opportunities (Annual Meeting only)
    Newsday Communications
    Ernie McCarren
    Email: ernie@newsdaycommunications.com
    Phone: (201) 401-3075

    eHealthcare Solutions (EHS)
    Dennis Eng
    Email: deng@ehsmail.com
    Phone: (215) 917-2209

    AAD Contact

    Carrie Parratt
    Email: cparratt@aad.org
    Phone: (847) 240-1770