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Enewsletter rates and specs

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Reach the full AAD membership weekly (of those who haven't opted out) with two enewsletters, DermWorld Weekly and DermWorld Academy Insider. Two options with above industry standard open and click rates. We also accept ads on aad.org for both professional and consumer products.

DermWorld Weekly

26.8%* open rate
Boost visibility with the DermWorld Weekly enewsletter. Delivered each Wednesday, DermWorld Weekly contains timely and relevant news briefs related to core areas of practice, policy, and patient care, as well as FDA updates and breaking news items of interest to dermatologists.

DermWorld Academy Insider

29.5%* open rate
Delivered each Thursday with more engaging content and images. Content includes Question of the Week at the top and Case Challenge button at the bottom. Newsletter will also feature 6-8 news items per week linked to AAD.org, AAD publications, or outside news items featuring the AAD.

*Effective September 2021, Apple implemented its Mail Privacy Protection which prevents senders from seeing if and when a recipient opens an email in Apple Mail. It also hides a recipient’s IP address, so senders can’t determine their location. It does not change the engagement, only what is reported.


Download a PDF of the enewsletter rates and specs.

Ad unit
Position #1
Position #2
Position #3
Position #4
Position #5728x90$2,680$2,465$2,190
File size
40k max
Not accepted
Animated GIF
Not accepted
Required resolution
72 dpi
Acceptable file format
Color palette
216 (for GIF files)
Rich media
Not accepted
Target URL

  • Rates are net and subject to change. 15-day advance notice is required on cancellations.

  • Cannot accommodate 3rd party tagging.

  • Insertion orders and materials are due 15 business days prior to the start date of the ad campaign.

  • Ad rate is for 1, 6, or 12-month run, regardless of weeks in the month.