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Industry Showcase Webinar Series

New opportunity for 2021!

AAD Industry Showcase Webinars
AAD responsibility

  • Advertiser webinars will be limited to one per month in 2021; scheduled in accordance with Academy marketing webinars.

  • Webinars will be offered free to AAD members.

  • There will be an advertising fee charged for each webinar.

  • Webinars will be no longer than 45 minutes in length. This includes any time for Q/A.

  • Industry Spotlight Webinars will be made available on-demand with the AAD Webinars on

  • AAD marketing department will promote the monthly Industry Spotlight Webinars via marketing product emails to members, via social media posts, ads on, and a mention in one of the weekly enewsletters.

  • AAD will offer ½ price discount advertising to Industry Spotlight Webinar advertisers to further promote the website on enewsletters. These ads can link to a registration page for the webinar.

  • AAD will provide a list of webinar registrants to the advertiser.

Advertiser responsibility

  • The advertiser will provide the non-CME content for the webinar. They will create the slides, the script, and conduct the presentation.

  • All materials will need to be submitted to the Academy for approval within 3 weeks of the scheduled presentation date.

  • A staff member from AAD will join the webinar.

  • Advertiser must adhere to AAD advertising guidelines. (No use of AAD logo, etc.)

  • Advertising rate for Industry Showcase Webinar is $20,000.

For more information contact Jacki Premak at (847) 240-1819 or email