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Resident Education Grant Stories

The resident education grants help give dermatology residents the opportunity to attend the AAD Annual Meeting and experience all that it offers.

Learn more about the impact of this grant program by reading the stories below.

Akua P. Sarfo, MD, PhD, (right) and co-resident Melissa Levoska, MD, enjoyed attending the AAD Annual Meeting.
Feeling supported provides peace of mind

Akua P. Sarfo, MD, PhD, was able to attend her first AAD Annual Meeting without it being financially stressful.

Joseph Aleshaki, DO
The value of in-person learning

Thanks to receiving the Resident Education Grant, Joseph Aleshaki, DO, was happy to participate in hands-on activities during the AAD Annual Meeting.

Brittany Valk, DO
Gaining experience face-to-face

Brittany Valk, DO, was able to attend her very first in-person AAD Annual Meeting.

Adam Swigost, MD
Opportunities widened thanks to support for residents

Senior resident Adam Swigost, MD, receives the opportunity to attend the 2022 AAD Annual Meeting.

Support Resident Education Grants

The AAD's resident education grants help dermatology residents attend the AAD Annual Meeting. Learn more about this impact and how you can get involved.

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