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Opportunities widened thanks to support for residents

Senior resident Adam Swigost, MD, receives the opportunity to attend the 2022 AAD Annual Meeting.

Dr. Swigost's story

Adam Swigost, MD
Adam Swigost, MD, a third-year dermatology resident at The MedStar Health—Washington Hospital Center.
I was fortunate to receive a stipend through the American Academy of Dermatology in order to attend the AAD Annual Meeting in Boston. I felt incredibly fortunate to receive this, without which I likely would have been unable to attend.

In the time of COVID, many institutions have made it more challenging to receive financial support and protected time to attend conferences and educational events. The AAD Annual Meeting is the premier event for learning about all aspects of dermatology including medical dermatology, updates in new pharmacologic treatments, cosmetic procedures and devices, and professional development and entrepreneurism within dermatology. Most importantly, it is an invaluable networking opportunity for young dermatologists like me.

As a senior resident, I find many opportunities are limited by tight finances. The generosity of the AAD and its donors is invaluable to those of us at the early stages of our career. Thank you to all who continue to support the next generation of dermatologists — we greatly appreciate it.

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