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The value of in-person learning

Thanks to receiving the Resident Education Grant, Joseph Aleshaki, DO, was happy to participate in hands-on activities during the AAD Annual Meeting.

Dr. Aleshaki's story

Joseph Aleshaki, DO
Joseph Aleshaki, DO, PG-4 at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor and Livingston.
I was happy to attend the AAD’s 2022 Annual Meeting in Boston. It was wonderful to once again have an in-person Annual Meeting! It reminded me of the value of creating connections and continuing friendships with colleagues from across the country. I was lucky enough to participate in the AAD resident stipend program. This brought much-needed support during a time when the pandemic is exacting financial difficulties on many residency programs. Our hospital system’s travel policy changed during COVID and became very restrictive, essentially prohibiting all academic-related travel. Graduate medical education stopped funding all conferences that were funded previously when they were in-person.

Virtual learning is growing to be an effective learning method, but it is not able to replace the value on in-person learning. The opportunity to communicate my personality and academic interests with faculty in-person allowed me to make connections that led to a preceptorship. It is difficult to achieve this virtually. Being at the Annual Meeting in-person meant I was able to network with renowned faculty and create opportunities for myself.

In addition, the resident education grant allowed me to participate in a hands-on wound closure workshop. I also practiced how to perform flaps for the first time. In my residency program we sometimes take a stage and do most closures, but designing and performing the reconstruction is done by the attending. Being able to do the latter was intriguing and fulfilling. I am immensely grateful for the support the Academy provides for residents!

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