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Leadership Institute Stories

The AAD’s Leadership Institute gives dermatologists the skills to succeed and become leaders in their communities. From the Academic Dermatology Leadership Program to the Advanced Leadership Forum, your support helps provides invaluable training, mentorship, and networking opportunities for dermatologists at all stages of their careers.

Learn more about the impact of this initiative by reading the stories below.

Mariam Mafee, MD, FAAD
Mentorship helps the dermatologic career

AAD member Mariam Mafee, MD, FAAD, loved her time in the Academic Dermatology Leadership Program.

John Zampella, MD, FAAD
Opening doors and paying it forward

AAD member John Zampella, MD, FAAD, loved participating in the AAD’s Leadership Institute programs.

Matthew C. Willett, MD, FAAD
Giving back as a leader

Leadership training increased the confidence of AAD member Matthew C. Willett, MD, FAAD.

Kelly Tyler, MD, FAAD
Future leaders in the AAD

AAD member Kelly Tyler, MD, FAAD, was inspired by the Leadership Institute offerings.

Benedict Wu, DO, PhD, FAAD
Building relationships and building leadership

Networking helped AAD member Benedict Wu, DO, PhD.

Sandra M. Johnson, MD, FAAD
Leadership Institute teaches skills, provides knowledge

AAD member Sandra M. Johnson, MD, learned a lot at the AAD Leadership Institute.

Milan J. Anadkat, MD, FAAD
Importance of medical knowledge and leadership development

Leadership Development Steering Committee deputy chair Milan J. Anadkat, MD, FAAD believes in the importance of leadership training for dermatologists.

Kelly M. Cordoro, MD, FAAD
Lessons of leadership can transcend professional roles

Leadership Development Steering Committee chair Kelly M. Cordoro, MD, FAAD, finds it an incredible privilege to strengthen and expand the programs and offerings of the Leadership Institute.

Maria Teresa Garcia-Romero, MD, MPH, IFAAD.
A life-changing dessert topped with a cherry

AAD member Maria Teresa García-Romero, MD, MPH, IFAAD had her professional life changed through the Academic Dermatology Leadership Program.

AAD member Jeremy S. Bordeaux, MD, MPH, FAAD
Bringing like-minded people together

From mentee to mentor, AAD member Jeremy S. Bordeaux, MD, MPH, FAAD finds mentorship important.

Mary E. Maloney, MD, FAAD, Founding Chair of Dermatology at University of Massachusetts Memorial Health Medical Group
Can't stop won't stop

AAD member Mary E. Maloney, MD, FAAD knows the importance of leadership skills and mentorship.

Olayemi Sokumbi, MD, FAAD, associate medical director of the department of business development at Mayo Clinic in Florida.
Mentor, sponsor, and lifelong friend

Mentorship changed the course of AAD member Olayemi Sokumbi, MD, FAAD’s career.

Kristen I. Lo Sicco, MD, FAAD
Shining a light on the next generation of dermatologists

AAD member Kristen Lo Sicco, MD, found common ground with fellow up and coming dermatologists at the Leadership Forum.

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