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Mentorship helps the dermatologic career

AAD member Mariam Mafee, MD, FAAD, loved her time in the Academic Dermatology Leadership Program.

Dr. Mafee’s story

Mariam Mafee, MD, FAAD
Mariam Mafee, MD, FAAD
I became interested in the Academic Dermatology Leadership Program (ADLP) when I had made a switch from private practice into academics. I was looking for some guidance on how to succeed in the academic realm. Additionally, I was the only Mohs surgeon at my institution, so in my case it was a way to connect with another Mohs surgeon for advice about my job and progressing my career.

I truly loved my year in the ADLP! It was a great way to network and meet others. I continue to stay in contact with my mentor and ADLP classmates. My mentor and ADLP classmates connected me with others, which created opportunities for me to speak at meetings and collaborate on various projects.

As a part of the ADLP, I attended the Leadership Forum. The first time I attended, it was truly unlike any other meeting that I had attended before. The sessions were all about interesting topics that didn’t have to do with the medical aspect of dermatology. The tools provided during the Leadership Forum helped me with communication and improving interactions with my residents, clinical team, and colleagues.

I knew some people at the meeting because I knew my ADLP classmates and a couple other dermatologists, but the majority of people there I did not know. I was able to talk to a lot of different people, and have since connected with them at other meetings.

I was impressed with the variety of dermatologists involved, and that there was a good mix of private practice and academic dermatologists. It was really one of the best-kept secrets of the AAD. I’m surprised that more people don’t know about it!

The relationships with other dermatologists that I was able to foster during the ADLP helped progress my career, and continues to create opportunities for me today. I also feel more connected to the field as I personally know more dermatologists around the country. Many of our influential leaders in dermatology are involved in the ADLP, so it was a window into meeting many great people.

My ADLP mentor was extremely helpful to me, and taught me what formal and efficacious mentorship looks like. I try to mirror that now when I mentor others. I learned so much from my time in the ADLP.

Photo of AAD member Jeremy S. Bordeaux, MD, MPH, FAAD

My ADLP mentor, Jeremy Bordeaux, was extremely helpful to me.

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