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Leadership Forum shines a light on next generation of dermatologists

AAD member Kristen Lo Sicco, MD, found common ground with fellow up and coming dermatologists at the Leadership Forum.

Dr. Lo Sicco’s story

Kristen I. Lo Sicco, MD, FAAD
Born and raised in New York, Kristen I. Lo Sicco, MD, FAAD, is happy to be providing care at NYU Langone Health.
The AAD’s Leadership Forum is a must for any early-career dermatologist aspiring to contribute toward the betterment of our specialty! I found out about this opportunity from AAD member Jo-Ann Latkowski, MD. She was my advanced medical dermatology fellowship director at NYU that I completed in 2016, and is one of my mentors. Dr. Latkowski put me forward for the Leadership Forum. When I read about this weekend program, I knew it would help me get to where I want to be during the next phases in my career.

Workshops focused on giving us the tools to promote lasting change. Sessions on advocacy, negotiation, and education through media were all highlights of the weekend. I knew a few of the attendees already, and I also made new connections — not only with my peers, but with leaders in the program! I have already been invited to speak at another dermatology program through the connections I made at the Leadership Forum.

The weekend also made me look forward to the future of dermatology. It was wonderful to see the motivation of leaders to mentor the next generation, and the perseverance of my peers to continue to move forward despite the obstacles that face our generation of dermatologists. Leaders in dermatology, both clinical and administrative, were present, dedicating their time to ensure the next generation is equipped for success.

During times of enormous health care burden and burnout, this weekend at the Leadership Forum shines brightly as a representation that people truly care, and together, we can make our future brighter!

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