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AAD Clinical Community surpasses 10 million views

Banner illustration for Impact Report on  AAD Clinical Community surpasses 10 million views

In 2022, we launched the AAD Clinical Community — a free, secure forum by dermatologists for dermatologists to discuss clinical issues and more.

In 2023, the Community surpassed 10 million views on discussions. 80% of all discussions in the AAD Clinical Community have received a response from a dermatology expert, showcasing how the Community has become the go-to online place for dialogue with dermatology experts. 

The forum is safe, organized, and moderated, and is free to members of the Academy. Its popularity remains high: 

  • Number of members onboarded: 21,019 

  • Average unique views per discussion: 2,600+ 

  • Average responses per discussion: 11 

  • 7 out of 10 AAD members engage* with the AAD Clinical Community at least once every 90 days 

  • Total number engaged: 15,000 in past 90 days  

* An engaged member is defined as any member who reads, responds, or posts a discussion.

To ensure privacy and security, DocMatter does not sell any member data and all user generated content and profile information is under complete user control. DocMatter is GDPR and CCPA compliant for members in all states/countries. 

Learn more about the AAD Clinical Community.