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New Skin Healthy issue distributed to members

Impact Report 2023, Issue-3: New skin healthy issue distributed to members

Skin Healthy, a magazine printed by the AAD and distributed to members for free as a member benefit, recently published a new edition. Skin Healthy positions board-certified dermatologists as the leading experts in issues affecting the skin, hair, and nails. Members can place copies in their waiting rooms, offering their patients the opportunity to fully understand the expertise that only a board-certified dermatologist can provide.

The summer 2023 edition of Skin Healthy contains 11 articles, with topics including skin care for your hands, caring for curly hair, how stress affects skin, preventing infections in childhood eczema, and more. The articles also feature 17 AAD members quoted as experts.

In addition, the new issue expands the specialty’s reach beyond the office with the inclusion of the Body Mole Map, which patients can take home, allowing them to identify suspicious spots on their skin. The Body Mole Map encourages patients to partner with a board-certified dermatologist and features tips on what to look out for and how to perform a skin self-exam. It also includes space for patients to measure and record the spots on their skin.

Finally, the new issue puts member voices front and center by including a Your Dermatologist Knows feature article from aad.org/public, in which dermatologists directly answer common questions about treating adult acne. Unlike many consumer magazines, Skin Healthy’s visuals feature images of skin conditions that dermatology patients can relate to, while emphasizing the specialty’s expertise.