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Your Dermatologist Knows: A strong summer

Impact Report, 2023, Issue-3: Your Dermatologist Knows: A strong summer

This October marks one year since the AAD launched its new consumer positioning strategy, Your Dermatologist Knows, and there is no sign that the success will slow as it enters its second year.

In July, we had another first when we launched the @aadskin TikTok account. Since then, it has posted dozens of videos, accumulating hundreds of followers and thousands of views. Follow us!

Social media content generated an impressive 65.7 million views and 21.1 million engagements since launch. These numbers should only increase going forward as the Academy’s follower count increases.

The Social Media Showcase is updated at the start of each month and provides a recap of the previous month’s social media efforts. There’s even an archive if you miss an update!