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AAD Licensing program content offerings

Practice management licensing opportunities

Navigating the health care environment can be tricky and difficult to understand. We've designed our practice management content to provide practical, easy-to-understand tools and guidance to help in a variety of areas, including coding and reimbursement, and MIPS.

Derm Coding Consult (DCC) For more than a decade, Derm Coding Consult has provided dermatology practices with a trustworthy source for information about coding issues. The publication covers the latest information about accurate diagnostic and procedural coding, as well as Medicare reimbursement issues in dermatology, including information and updates about Medicare regulations, carrier instructions, and CMS initiatives.

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Licensee will register for the agreed upon number of licenses as per the agreement.

  • Licensee will be responsible for managing access to licensed content.

  • Licensee may not edit or change the content.

  • The final product will be created by Licensee and approved by AAD prior to distribution.

  • Content may be translated and distributed according to the translation protocol.

Prior authorization letter generator Access resources designed to help patients navigate prior authorization, drug pricing, and step therapy issues. To learn more, visit Prior Authorization Tools.

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  • Licensee may include the Content specified within its online Prior Authorization Toolkit for Allergist and patients.

  • Licensee may not materially modify or revise the Content without Licensor’s prior written approval.

  • Licensee will secure final approval from Licensor prior to placing the Content into a product or live production website.

  • Licensee may not state or imply that Licensor endorses Licensee’s goods or services, or attribute to Licensor or its members any position with respect to any issues covered by Content.

  • The Content must be used for educational, noncommercial purposes only and may not be sold or sublicensed to any third party without Licensor’s prior written approval.

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