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Helping a young girl thrive

A dermatologist treats a tricky case of vitiligo, helping his patient regain her confidence.

LaChandra’s story

SkinSerious patient story, Kamyrn Wilcox
Kamyrn Wilcox
When my daughter Kamryn was in fifth grade, we noticed lighter spots start to appear on her face. Her complexion is dark, so the difference was notable. At the time, we thought an acne medication could be the culprit.

As the spots multiplied and grew larger, Dr. Dornechia Carter, a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in skin of color, diagnosed Kamryn with segmental vitiligo. Though segmental vitiligo is confined to one side of the body, it is the hardest type of vitiligo to treat. Dr. Carter referred us to her partner, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Seemal R. Desai, an expert in vitiligo, pigmentary disorders, and skin of color therapy, who could best manage this type of intensive treatment.

When we first met Dr. Desai, I immediately saw his passion for helping patients with vitiligo. As a parent, it was a huge relief to find a knowledgeable, personable dermatologist who is a specialist in providing the care Kamryn needed.

Dr. Desai managed our expectations early on by making clear that the treatment wouldn’t change the light spots immediately. After about four months of twice-weekly treatment and regular steroids, we started to see small results, and within a year, color returned to the light patches.

Kamryn has been a trooper during the entire experience. Though her family told her she was beautiful, she often received comments and questions in public asking what was wrong with her face. That is hard to deal with, especially for a young child. If the world was more educated about vitiligo, this process would have been much easier for us and other families in the same situation.

Thanks to Dr. Desai, Kamryn is now thriving in school and feeling like she fits in again. I’ve noticed she has more confidence and pride with the vitiligo resolved, which is the best feeling as a parent.

The dermatologist's perspective

SkinSerious dermatologist, Seemal R. Desai, MD, FAAD

“I know first-hand how vitiligo can take a toll on patients and their families. It can be an isolating disease—many people don’t understand that vitiligo is a medical skin condition that is not contagious. As a dermatologist, the most important thing I can offer patients with vitiligo is hope that things can get better. I’m here to help Kamryn and her family navigate their journey so she feels comfortable in her own skin.”

─ Seemal R. Desai, MD, FAAD, Founder & Medical Director, Innovative Dermatology

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