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Directions in Residency archive

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  • Spring

    • Feature: The boards: What to expect, by Brian J. Simmons, MD, FAAD\

    • Race for the Case: Spring 2022 by François Lagacé, MD, and Zeinah AlHalees, MD

    • Boards Fodder: Electrical Hemostasis by Michael J. Visconti, DO, Zac Zheng, DO, and Kent J. Krach, MD, FAAD

    • Clinical pearls: Infantile hemangioma by Latanya T. Benjamin, MD, FAAD, FAAP

    • Resident Life: Bonding is a ladder to success at UVA by Diana Mannschreck, MD

    • Inside this issue: Taylor Gray, DO


  • Winter

    • Feature: A deeper dive into contracts for residents, by Dan Shay, Esq

    • Race for the Case: Winter 2021 by Rahul Nanda, MD, and Zeinah AlHalees, MD

    • Boards Fodder: Merkel cell carcinoma (PDF) by Abdulhadi Jfri, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FAAD, and Catherine Pisano, MD, FAAD

    • Clinical pearls: Alopecia areata (PDF) by Maria Hordinsky, MD, FAAD

    • Resident Life

    • Inside this issue: Taylor Gray, DO

  • Summer

    • Feature: Secrets of effective research by Dean Monti, MFA

    • Race for the Case: Summer 2021 by Zeinah AlHalees, MD, and AlReem Al-Nabti, MD

    • Boards Fodder: Dermatopathologic external agents and artifacts (PDF)

    • Clinical pearls: Optimizing the genital exam for yourself and your female patients by Bethanee Schlosser, MD, PhD

    • Resident Life: Florida residents “serve” the public, by Angelia Stepien, DO

    • Inside this issue: Taylor Gray, DO


  • Fall

    • Feature: Developing a learning style by Sharon Jacob, MD

    • Boards Fodder: Cutaneous smooth muscle tumors (PDF download)

    • Clinical pearls: Laser considerations (PDF download) by Anna Ortiz, MD

    • Resident Life: Caring for their own

    • Race for the Case: Fall 2020 by Angelia Stepien, DO, and Preetha Kamath, MD

    • Inside this issue: Rachel Wheatley, MD

  • Summer

    • Feature: Top five financial strategies for dermatology residents

    • Boards Fodder: Grafts

    • Clinical pearls: Pearls for phototherapy

    • Resident Life: A global pandemic – a global response

    • Race for the Case: Summer 2020

    • Inside this issue: Meet the new resident advisors

  • Spring

    • Feature: Moving beyond residency

    • Boards Fodder: Genetic mutations

    • Boards Fodder (online exclusive): Testable fibrous and fibrohistiocytic proliferations of the skin: Facts and buzzwords

    • Clinical pearls: Pearls for autoimmune bullous dermatoses

    • Resident Life: Breakfast beats burnout

    • Race for the Case: Spring 2020

    • Inside this issue: Tara Oetken, MD


  • Winter

    • Feature: Coding basics for residents: diagnostic and procedural coding

    • Boards Fodder: Head and neck lesions of the infant

    • Boards Fodder (online exclusive): Biologics update 2019

    • Clinical pearls: Pediatric considerations

    • Race for the Case: Winter 2019

    • AAD Annual Meeting in Denver: preview for residents

    • Inside this issue: Tara Oetken, MD

  • Fall

    • Feature: Coding basics: What residents need to know

    • Boards Fodder: Non-syndromic ichthyoses

    • Clinical pearls: Starting out in dermatopathology

    • Resident Life Hack: Embracing change

    • Race for the Case: Fall 2019

    • Inside this issue: Tara Oetken, MD

  • Summer

    • Feature: Navigating your first employment contract

    • Boards Fodder: Skin grafts

    • Clinical pearls: Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma

    • Resident Life Hack: UMass Skin Cancer Screenings

    • Race for the Case: Summer 2019

    • Inside this issue: Tara Oetken, MD

  • Spring

    • Feature: Passing the hurdles of journal publication

    • Boards Fodder: Surgical instruments

    • Clinical pearls: Contact dermatitis

    • Resident Life Hack: Like minds

    • Race for the Case: Spring 2019

    • Inside this issue: Tara Oetken, MD


  • Spring

    • The power of service

    • Boards Fodder: Vaccines in dermatology

    • Career Case Study: Academic dermatology

    • Time Saving Tip: The art of pairing

    • Act now! Service opportunities for residents

  • Summer

    • Pregnant pause: The expected (and unexpected) aspects of expecting during residency

    • Boards Fodder: Disorders of dyschromia (hypo- and hyperpigmentation)

    • Career Case Study: Dermatopathology

    • Child care during residency: what you should know

  • Fall

    • Disability Insurance 101

    • Boards Fodder: infectious diseases of genitalia

    • Career Case Study: Pursuing a career path in surgery

    • Driving and didactics: Making the most of travel time

  • Winter

    • Gaining clinical confidence

    • Boards Fodder: Biopsy techniques

    • Career case study: Pursuing a career in a hospital environment

    • Resident Life Hack: A healthy support system


  • Spring

    • Avoid these mistakes for a blemish-free resume

    • The life of a Mohs specialist

    • Boards Fodder: Photosensitivity Disorders

  • Summer

    • Where are you in the resident life cycle?

    • Boards Fodder: Danger Zones and Relevant Anatomy

    • The growth of the cosmetic career path

  • Fall

    • All things considered — a primer on contracts for residents

    • Boards Fodder: Monitoring Systemic Dermatology Medications

    • The pediatric dermatology career path

  • Winter

    • Self-made financial health

    • Boards Fodder: Update in Melanoma Therapies

    • Career Case Study: Medical Dermatology

    • Prioritizing debt: What to pay off first

    • Pedicures and publications: Keeping up on evidence-based medicine


  • Spring

    • Reaction patterns: Boards study tips

    • New Boards Fodder: Granulomas

    • Join Camp Discovery Residents Challenge

  • Summer

    • Learning how to learn

    • New Boards Fodder: Flaps

    • Registration open: 2016 Legislative Conference

  • Fall

    • Keeping financially afloat during residency

    • New Boards Fodder: Neonatal Ichthyosis & Infectious Diseases

  • Winter

    • Seeing double: Adapting resident pathology for the big (and small) screen

    • Boards Fodder: Most Common Cutaneous Metastasis

    • Changes in reimbursement are coming, are you prepared?