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Your Dermatologist Knows guides public with helpful content across all platforms

Banner illustration for Impact Report on Your Dermatologist Knows

2023 was the first full year of the Your Dermatologist Knows consumer positioning strategy and it garnered strong results. The strategy has two main prongs: social media and traditional media. 

Social media

Your Dermatologist Knows-related social media content was shared far and wide in 2023. The Academy posted the content on its public-facing Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts, and also shared content through its TikTok account, which was launched in July. Across all of the Academy’s social media platforms, we gained over 12,000 followers, generated 89.1 million views, and garnered 26.4 million engagements

Over the course of the year, the AAD Instagram account hosted 14 Instagram Lives, where the Social Media Correspondents interviewed member influencers about various skin, hair, and nail topics. 25 different dermatologists were featured across all social media feeds, showcasing the diversity of the specialty. Content often addressed social media trends, including at-home cosmetic procedures, self-care facemasks, and viral skin care myths. The common theme across all platforms and content was educating the public about the breadth and extent of the knowledge, training, and expertise that only a board-certified dermatologist can provide. 

Traditional media

The Academy secured nearly 30,500 traditional media placements that generated more than 138 billion media impressions in 2023. During that time, the Your Dermatologist Knows media relations outreach efforts resulted in 129 placements in high-profile media publications, including 13 in the New York Times, nine in USA Today, eight each in U.S. News & World Report and Everyday Health, seven in the Huffington Post, and three in the Washington Post

Trusted content on YouTube

The Academy’s Videos of the Month were recently rebranded to Your Dermatologist Knows Videos, and those, too, saw great success. The Academy published 10 new videos in 2023, and the media relations efforts for these new videos resulted in 33 media placements that generated more than 56 million media impressions in media outlets with an audience of 100,000 or more. The Academy’s full library of videos received nearly 1 million views, and the AAD YouTube account gained 9,700 new subscribers to reach a total of 166,233 to close out the year

However, perhaps the most important new development for Your Dermatologist Knows videos in 2023 is that the Academy’s YouTube channel was recognized as a credible source for health information by YouTube. With this recognition, the Academy’s YouTube content can better help position the specialty as the skin, hair, and nail experts. As a credible source, the Academy’s videos are given prominence when viewers search for applicable video topics on YouTube, and when viewers are watching one of the Academy’s videos, a label is now visible to mark the information as trustworthy.

YouTube began designating certain channels and creators as credible sources to give viewers context about where their health care information is coming from. Credible sources are defined using standards laid out by the National Academy of Medicine, American Public Health Association, and World Health Organization. This new designation will only help strengthen trust in the Academy’s information and help bolster our efforts to educate the public on the importance of seeing a board-certified dermatologist for conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails. 

A list of our top-performing social media content in 2023: 

Our top-performing YouTube videos in 2023: 

  • How to clean your makeup brushes 

  • How to tell if a rash needs medical attention 

  • How to prevent and treat nail fungus 

  • How to find head lice early 

  • Head lice: How to treat 

  • How to remove gum without cutting hair 

  • How to remove a splinter 

  • 4 cradle cap tips from dermatologists 

  • How to trim your nails 

  • Home treatment for warts 

  • How to relieve itchy skin 

  • How to treat cold sores