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Find a Dermatologist portal redesigned, connects patients with board-certified dermatologists

Banner illustration for Impact Report on Find a Dermatologist portal redesigned

A new, streamlined public-facing version of Find a Dermatologist was launched in 2023. The site search was improved, adding expanded results, giving patients a greater variety of dermatologists to gather information about, and a mobile-friendly layout, displaying relevant content in an easy-to-read-format.

Find a Dermatologist has also been optimized for search engines, both on the desktop and mobile versions. In addition, since approximately 70% of Find a Dermatologist visitors access the tool on their phones, the mobile experience has been optimized as well, improving usability for the public by prioritizing the placement of relevant content in the viewport of the mobile device. 

Finally, the landing page has been overhauled as well and now includes the search bar, making it easier for users to navigate. 

The new Find a Dermatologist separates the public and member databases, eliminating member confusion about what information is visible to the public versus other members. If you haven’t updated your profile lately, visit Find a Dermatologist today!