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Member benefits — So many codes, so little time. Yet…

Your Academy coding staff knows how busy you are in your practice. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been doing to keep you ahead of the coding curve.

Quick coding guides

We continue to build out our series of downloadable quick coding guides for common (and not so common) coding scenarios. The list of quick coding guides now includes:

  • ICD-10-CM Quick Coder

  • Contact Dermatitis Quick Coder

  • Insect Bites and Stings Quick Coder

  • E/M Quick Coder

  • Ancillary checklists

  • Definitions for the MDM Elements Terminology

  • Biopsy Quick Coder

  • Skin Biopsy Codes Quick Coder

  • Photodynamic Therapy Quick Coder

  • Modifier Quick Coder

E/M coding vignettes to the rescue!

When the new E/M coding rules debuted in January 2021, we provided dozens of resources at www.aad.org/coding to help you figure out appropriate E/M codes for typical dermatology encounters.

The Academy Coding and Reimbursement Committee and the Academy’s coding staff crafted a series of coding vignettes for Derm Coding Consult that parsed out the new coding rules. Each explores a specific clinical scenario — evaluating the medical decision-making (MDM) elements table and explaining the rationale by which those elements meet the criteria for a specific level of E/M service. View them all at www.aad.org/dcc.

Coding help for everyone

Last year, your Academy also developed free coding instruction modules designed specifically for residents. The Resident’s Online Coding Education (ROCE) is helping residents understand the fundamentals of coding. We are ensuring that recent graduates — who become your colleagues and staff — come to your practice ready to code. Visit our Continuing Education pages and check out the ROCE in our digital education catalog.

And more…

Every month, DermWorld offers a coding column that is augmented with online quizzes so you can test your knowledge. Check out an archive of the latest and most popular DermWorld coding articles at www.aad.org/dw/dcc.

Need more coding help?

Find practical tips, tools, quizzes, and videos about common dermatologic coding issues at the Academy Coding Resource Center at www.aad.org/coding.