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Educating the public — You helped us tell the public why they should #ChooseADermatologist

In the fall of last year, we launched our #ChooseADermatologist campaign, which gave you access to resources and tools to share with patients on your social media channels. By showing your patients and the public why you are the skin, hair, and nail experts, you educated the public one post at a time.

Through a combination of paid and organic posts, the campaign was seen 7.5 million times in just four months. We ran the paid portion of the campaign on Facebook and Instagram, targeting women ages 18-30 because they’re more likely to see non-dermatologist providers for services, and ultimately become the health care decisionmakers for their families.

Coming full circle

We use social media as a tool to drive the public to our educational resources that are guided, approved, and stamped by you. But that’s just the beginning. The campaign resulted in over 100,000 pageviews on public-facing webpages “Why Choose a Dermatologist?” and “What is a Dermatologist?” from September through December.

Each month, we rolled out a new theme to highlight your expertise:

  • September: Board-certified dermatologists diagnose and treat more than 3,000 skin, hair, and nail conditions.

  • October: Board-certified dermatologists have advanced training and expertise.

  • November: Board-certified dermatologists treat serious skin diseases.

  • December: If you want the best care available for your skin, hair, and nails, seek out a board-certified dermatologist.

You made #ChooseADermatologist go viral

The hashtag #ChooseADermatologist was used 815 times throughout the campaign. Additionally, posts that featured the #ChooseADermatologist campaign were shared more than 1,300 times. The Academy thanks you for your contribution to this social media campaign that reinforced your commitment to quality, physician-led care.

Learn more about #chooseadermatologist

Visit the Academy's page about the Academy's #chooseadermatologist social media campaign.