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doctor.cpm has been selected as the primary technology partner of the AAD. It is the only complete platform built to help health care organizations deliver a better customer experience at every step of the patient journey.

The company’s industry-leading technology seamlessly integrates provider data warehousing, web-wide listings management, reputation insights, universal online scheduling, and patient communications. All of these services are enhanced by’s 50+ integrations with the most prominent health care directories, search engines, social media platforms, and EHR/PM systems. As a result, thousands of health care organizations, including more than 200 of the country’s leading hospitals and health systems and more than 20,000 private practices, have been empowered by the platform to enhance their digital presences and credibility, increase patient trust, and grow their businesses.

The AAD has secured a significant discount on’s wide variety of services for its members!

  • Analyze how you stack up online with the free scan tool.

  • Let share its ebooks, analytics, and internet knowledge with you! These resources are available free of charge, thanks to the ACP. Visit the Resource Center.

  • offers several solutions to assist with all facets of your online presence. Find out more

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