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Language Scientific

Medical expert translation and interpreting services

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Language Scientific has been selected as the preferred medical translation service provider of the AAD. With more than 20 years of experience, LS provides specialized medical and scientific translation and interpreting services for medical, pharmaceutical and clinical organizations.The company was founded under the guiding principle that you can’t translate something if you don’t understand the scientific content you are trying to render in another language.

Language Scientific employs industry expert linguists such as doctors and clinicians holding advanced degrees within the subject matter of your content. Language Scientific’s medical experts-turned-translators and Project Managers understand the complexities of both technical and linguistic challenges. They provide one of the most effective, rapid, and customer-experience focused services in the industry. Language Scientific translates and interprets Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, and more than 150 other languages.

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Speak to one of Language Scientific’s representatives for a free consultation on how they can help with your translation and interpreting needs and the discounts you get with your AAD membership. 

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On-demand phone interpreting

Language Scientific offers On-Demand Phone Interpreting for individuals or organizations that need to communicate with non-English speakers within seconds. Call from any phone, and an operator will connect you within seconds to a qualified interpreter.

On-demand phone interpreting features

  • Available in more than 150 languages 24/7, 365 days a year. No pre-scheduling of calls necessary.

  • Ease of Use — Simply dial a toll-free number, tell us your account number and language pair, and access our expertly trained interpreters within seconds. No special equipment needed.

  • Complete Confidentiality — All our interpreters sign a strict code of conduct and confidentiality agreement to safeguard your privacy.

  • Fast — Dial the toll-free number, select your language pair, and connect with an interpreter in seconds.

  • Pay Only For What You Use — Our service has no minimum fees, no minimum usage.

The AAD has secured a significant discount on Language Scientific’s on-demand phone interpreting services, allowing for quick communication with LEP patients. It is as easy as dialing a phone.

To learn more about Language Scientific’s phone interpreting service, click here to check out a short video.

Language Scientific helps meet ADA and ACA communication rules

Language Scientific interpretation services can help you meet ADA and ACA rules that require medical practices to take reasonable steps to provide timely and meaningful access to care for all patients without discrimination. This includes ensuring communication between your staff and people with limited or no English proficiency.

HHS and DOJ guidance on nondiscrimination in telehealth services

Avoid risks of discrimination when providing telehealth services to patients. Patients with disabilities and limited English proficiency should have access to telehealth services without fear of discrimination and practices offering these services should provide the necessary accommodations. Access Academy resources on this guidance.

Website translation and localization

Language Scientific uses the latest technology to provide expert website translation and localization services. LS has the capability in-house to work with just about any technology in use on the web. Our localization engineering team is experienced in a variety of web-based applications and formats including .asp, .html, .dhtm, .php. All file types are carefully analyzed, prepared for translation, and engineered with the best possible consideration for time and quality.

LS can advise you on best practices and the benefits of techniques to streamline the localization process, maintain consistent output and reduce costs for reaching LEP customers in more than 215 languages.

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