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DataDerm & academic medical centers

DataDermTM is the largest dermatologic clinical data registry in the world, and it offers distinct advantages for academic medical centers (AMCs). It connects data on millions of patients from thousands of dermatologists nationwide, and it provides powerful research and quality assurance tools. DataDerm was created by dermatologists for dermatologists. Explore how it can help your AMC achieve new insights into the data you value most.

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DataDerm features

Dashboards. DataDerm allows you to benchmark the performance of your AMC against your peers, track trends in patient populations, and drill down to individual patients for key best practices. The dashboards will help you identify patient care strategies through benchmarks and track the impact of interventions over time.

Data. Access a full range of data, including data from other AMCs. This enables comparison of the types and severity of diseases seen at AMCs, across diverse patient demographics. Both our dermatologists and patient data come from across the country. As we continue to add AMCs and other dermatologists, the data continually improve.

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Integration. DataDerm works with certified EHRs, though some integrate more seamlessly than others. However, DataDerm provides excellent integration with Epic, the EHR system used by many AMCs. No additional information or extensive work is needed.

Security. You maintain ownership of your data. The Academy will only use de-identified, aggregate data, and will not analyze, report or sell patient or provider identifiable data. The Academy owns aggregate data, data dictionaries, and algorithms which are developed and maintained by DataDerm.

Cost. There is no cost to enroll or participate.

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Learn more about how DataDerm can help your AMC take data analytics to a new level.

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Learn more about data

AMCs can benefit from tools and data that will help fuel research projects. Our data governance workgroup will process your request and help provide the data findings to meet your needs.

Dataderm is powered by FIGmd, which connects medical practices, health systems and hospitals by extracting, maintaining and providing clinical data for more than 20 specialty medial societies across the U.S. FIGmd has been recently acquired by MRO, a leading clinical data workflow platform.

Dataderm collaborates with OM1, a real-world outcomes and technology company, to facilitate an acceleration of highly reliable, complex data analyses for members, AADA advocacy efforts, researchers, and industry partners to improve dermatologic care.

Over time, DataDerm participants can expect the ability to benchmark performance against other data sources within the platform that will allow for deeper practice insights, as OM1 is known for predictive analytics that can help inform diagnosis and treatment.

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