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Mpox resource center

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The Academy has assembled resources on mpox (monkeypox), including guidance on recognizing mpox infection, resources on treatment and pain, and an mpox registry to gather information on dermatologic manifestations of the disease. An Ad Hoc Task Force to Develop Mpox Content was appointed to monitor developments and create relevant guidance for dermatologists. That guidance is provided below.

While the mpox public health emergency has ended, many states continue to see transmission and are urging physicians to recommend mpox vaccination and other prevention measures for their patients. In 2024, the rates of infection are about two times higher than they were in 2023. See the CDC table on weekly mpox infections.

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Recognizing mpox

Access Academy and CDC guidance on recognizing signs of mpox infection.

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Treating mpox

See clinical guidance on treating patients who have been infected with mpox.

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Severe lesions

Access clinical guidance on treating severe lesions associated with mpox.

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Mpox registry

Report dermatologic manifestations of mpox and skin reactions to the vaccine.

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