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Pathways: Inclusivity in Dermatology for high school and college students

Inclusivity in Dermatology for high school and college students image

Are you a high school or college student from the Black, Latino, or Indigenous community? Do you enjoy STEM subjects but also want a career that involves connecting with people? You may want to consider medicine and, specifically, dermatology. And the AAD’s Pathways: Inclusivity in Dermatology program can help start you way to this exciting career.

Dermatology Career Prep

Spend an immersive five days with dermatologists, dermatology residents, and medical students learning about medicine, dermatology, and how to succeed in a challenging field. Learn more about Dermatology Career Prep.

High school outreach

Be on the lookout for outreach by your local dermatologist. We’re providing AAD members with a diversity champion toolkit to help them conducting outreach to increase awareness of medicine an dermatology in local high schools and community colleges serving Black, Latino, and Indigenous communities.

Wondering if dermatology is right for you?