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Pathways: Inclusivity in Dermatology for high school and college students

Are you a high school or college student from the Black, Hispanic, or Indigenous community? Do you enjoy STEM subjects but also want a career that involves connecting with people? You may want to consider medicine and, specifically, dermatology. And the AAD’s Pathways: Inclusivity in Dermatology program can help.

If you’re in high school, be on the lookout for outreach by your local dermatologist. We’re providing AAD members with a diversity champion toolkit to help them conduct outreach to increase awareness of medicine and dermatology in their local high schools and community colleges, with a focus on schools that serve students from underrepresented backgrounds.

If you’re in college, the Pathways program hosts 2- or 3-day AAD Diversity and Inclusion immersion camps for approximately 150 college students in STEM/pre-med majors from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine (URiM). At these camps you’ll learn more about science, medicine, and dermatology, as well as the steps/resources needed to support their path into dermatology. More details on these camps are coming soon!

Wondering if dermatology is right for you?