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Resident Quality Improvement Award

The AAD is offering financial support to residents engaged in quality improvement projects that help meet requirements for ACGME accreditation.

Receive up to $2,000 and recognition for the valuable work that is a required part of today’s training. Funds can help cover expenses of data collection, materials and supplies, and even travel to the AAD Annual Meeting for a presentation.

Selected applicants will be invited to reveal their quality improvement projects at the AAD Annual Meeting.

Resident Quality Improvement Award

Applications are now closed.

  • Application Timeline
  • Eligibility
  • Award review criteria
  • June 15, 2020: Application opens

    August 21, 2020: Application deadline

    December 2020: Awardees selected

    March 2021: Awardees present project at AAD Annual Meeting

    May 2021: Progress report due

    The following are the application criteria:

    • Engages an improvement team

    • Focuses on systems-based challenges and seeks to implement system changes

    • Uses quality improvement frameworks, tools, and methodologies

    • Has a strong focus on measurable improvement

    • Is likely to achieve the project aim

    AAD Resident Quality Improvement Awards are open to AAD member residents in an accredited dermatology residency in the U.S. or Canada. Previous winners of this award are not eligible to apply.

    All candidates will receive a score of 0-5 in each of the following categories:

    • Strength of project design and knowledge of problem area

    • Adequate plan and strategy

    • Perceived impact on quality or safety

    • Perceived novel or innovative approaches, tools, or technologies

    • Strength of faculty sponsorship

    • Likely to achieve project aim