Online-only: Academy PSAs through the years

As an accompaniment to the Academy's SPOT Skin Cancer™ campaign, Dermatology World took a look back at previous campaign materials. Below is a selection from the previous 25 years. Read more about the new campaign in this month's feature article.


1990: "Cathy"

1995: "A Healthy Tan is the First Sign"

1996: "Beauty Marks"

1996: "Before You Read This"

1996: "Glow"

1996: "Maniac"

1996: "Vacation"

1999: "Five Ways to Die"

1999: "Skin Cancer Can Kill You"

2000: "Man"

2001: "Greg Norman"

2002: "The Tan You Don't See"

2004: "Burn"

2008: "Indoor Tanning is Out"

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