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The skin and stress connection

Experts explore the underlying mechanisms of the link between the brain and the skin.

Lessons learned from canine atopic dermatitis

What can human and veterinary dermatologists learn from each other in the management and treatment of atopic dermatitis?

The planet and the patient

How dermatologists confront the impact of climate change on patients.

Cracking the Code
Cracking the Code

In his final column, Alex Miller, MD, reviews E/M code modifications for 2021 and beyond — Part 4.

art for Clinical Applications
Clinical Applications

Experts discuss multi-inflammatory syndrome in children and adolescents with COVID-19.

Answers in Practice

Experts discuss best practices for prior authorization process optimization.

Facts at Your Fingertips

See the data on what role the average dermatology practice manager plays.

Legally Speaking

Legal experts explain the ins and outs of when the physician-patient relationship is deemed ‘established.’

Filling the medicine cabinet

Dupilumab and crisaborole have changed atopic dermatitis treatment — and now more drugs are on the way.

Legal vs ethical dilemmas in dermatology

Your heart says ‘yes,’ but your lawyer says no — experts weigh in on how to make the right choice.

Battling bugs…that aren’t there

Dermatologists embrace empathy, antipsychotics to help patients with psychocutaneous disease.

From the Editor

Physician editor Kathryn Schwarzenberger, MD, previews this month’s issue.

What’s Hot?

Members of DermWord’s Editorial Advisory Workgroup share exciting news from across the specialty.

From the president

Academy President Bruce Theirs, MD, discusses the numerous ways the Academy has its members’ backs.

Asked & Answered

Learn how to download and use the new AAD Fellow (FAAD) logo to promote yourself and your practice.

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